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Belief in the esoteric began in ancient times.


In the late eighteenth century, modern chemistry was developed, signaling the decline of the practice of alchemy and, in place of the teaching of alchemy, electricity and magnetism grew in importance.


Spiritualism, occultism and many other subbranches developed in this important period for esotericism, and are still being expanded and modernized to this day.


Thus, nowadays, channeling, fortune-telling and healing are very important parts of esotericism.


Today esotericism is, among other things, concerned with:

Life Counseling

  • Feng shui: Chinese teachings on the flow of energy
  • Reincarnation: belief in life after death through rebirth
  • Interpretation of dreams: deals with subliminal messages that are suggested by and assimilated into dreams


Predicting the Future

  • Astrology: interpreting the stars
  • Palmistry: interpreting the hands to predict the future
  • Oracles: help to answer questions about future decisions
  • Pendulums: the energy that lies in individuals or the cosmos can be used to answer questions
  • Spiritualism: the invocation of spirits
  • Tarot reading: information about past, present and future through the reading of cards


The world is more mystical today than ever before. "the black Swan" is a good read to start with. Suppose everyone thought swans were white, until one day, a black swan appeared. Is that a statistical probability, no more curious than an albino?

There is a figure on the wall which is certainly from a UFO
The location of the next cosmic explosion: and they are waiting?

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