Billy Daniels
Billy Daniels

About Me

Name: Billy Daniels
Hometown: New York City

Hobbies: Horses, Sailing, SCUBA, Photography
Music: Chillout from Cafe Cody in Majorca, Spain
Movies: The Last Samurai, The Artist and the Model
Languages: English, French, Spanish

My motto:

Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion 

And the act

Falls the shadow


My name is Billy Daniels; also known as William Boone Daniels, 2nd, according to my birth certificate, from the hospital in Queens, New York City, New York.


I am a family man, and travel to many of the places in the world to be with my family and friends.


My career has been in the Law for all of my adult life, and I still enjoy working every day. I have always wanted to be a lawyer.


My favorite poet is T.S. Elliot.


I have read extensively in history and law; enjoy photography and sport;practice moderation and self-discipline; but, above all, I think humor is the most important part of any philosophy; and play, is the most important function of human life. 


This is an interesting time to be so aware of what is going on in the world; and to be able to watch as the world changes more rapidly every day. In my own lifetime, the world population has more than doubled already. It has gone from 2B to 8B people, meaning it has quadrupled. I might live to see 10B people on the earth all at the same time.


The challenges of today are daunting; but resistance to change is the most difficult of all the obstacles we have to overcome. iI took billions of years for the earth to reach this point, and less than two hundred thousand years for man to go from leaving the slime, to get to where he is the greatest consumer of carbon ever; but he cannot survive without carbon either, so change is inevitable. 


le p'tit coin in the header picture is in Montparnasse, Paris, France; near the train station. It was an alley where many of the great artists of the time located their atelier; and had some sort of a work shop...try to find it some day. 


the extended family

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these are some random images from a collection of different places in the world; 

most of them have some direct relevance to a life in motion 

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